Thursday, July 29, 2010

Week 1 Question.

Question: What distinguishes the difference between old and new technologies and at what point does something become an old one?

In my opinion, what distinguishes the difference between old and new technologies is determined by a number of factors. The main factor that I believe determines the difference is the most obvious to me: The era during which the old and new technologies were invented- need I say more? 
As discussed during our first lecture, some prime examples of old technologies include: The graphic technologies originating from cave drawings, written communication,  the original telephone, television and the radio. I believe that what distinguishes these as OLD communication technologies is the fact that they are original inventions whereas most NEW technologies all stem from the ideas of the old technologies. For example, even though the mobile phone is a far more advanced communication form than the original corded telephone, the idea of it has still originated from the original phone and it's overall purpose. Even when it comes to computers which is arguably the most advanced and commonly used new communication technology in modern society, the idea of emails and word documents and web blogs such as this one still stems from the original communication form of writing. 
So there you have it kids, that is my opinion of what distinguishes the difference of old and new communication technologies! :)

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