Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tute Spark Week 3- Digital Devices

Examples of Digital Devices that are not electronic: 

The Telegraph:

The Type-writer:

The Pianola:


Digital: Describes electronic technology that generates, stores and processes data. Relating to, or resembling a digit.

Analog: The continuous transmission of information to our senses.

Communication: A process whereby information is enclosed in a package and is channeled and imported by a sender to a receiver via a medium.

Electronic: Of, based on, operated by, or otherwise involving the controlled conduction of electrons or other charge corners.

At first, I found it incredibly difficult to distinguish the difference between electronic and non-electronic digital devices as all of the science side of things especially in the digital world tends to fly straight over my head. But from the information that I collected and the definitions that were found, I'm hoping that I have finally submitted three correct examples of digital devices that are not electronic! These examples include, the original telegraph; the long distance transmission of written messages without physical transport of letters, the type-writer; the first mechanical device used to process written documents and lastly, the Pianola. At first, I was convinced that a normal Piano would have sufficed as a correct answer for something that is a non-electronic digital device, but after more thorough research it has become apparent to me that a regular piano is indeed not considered a non-electronic digital device as it is evidently NOT digital, but the Pianola indeed is. 




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