Thursday, August 19, 2010

Week 4 TuteSpark- Big Screen to Small Screen


Short Film #1: Lovefield By Mathieu Ratthe

Lovefield combines elements of HORROR, SUSPENSE and DRAMA to create a story that takes the audience on a roller coaster ride of emotions. It is an excellent example of a short story with a twist. What makes this short film so successful is it's use of music, setting and lack of dialogue until the very end of the film. The biggest element used to make this film such a success is the incorporation of the crow, screeching and crying and then going silent as the climax of the film builds up. 

Short Film #2: The Black Button By DarkHeart Productions

"The Black Button" is an excellent example of a short film. It presents the story of a man faced with the decision: 10 million dollars at the cost of another's life, or to simply walk away. What makes this such a successful short film is the way in which it was filmed with such simplicity, yet conveyed it's story, discourses and theme so well in such a short amount of time. The use of a plain white set with only a desk, chair and the button present focuses the viewers attention on only what is going on between the man at the desk and the man who has to make the decision to press the button or not. The use of dark, ominous music also helps to set the scene. 

Short Film #3: Intended Consquences By Jonathan Torgovnik. 

Intended Consequences tells the story of the 1994 Rwanda genocide. An event in which 800,00 Tutsi people were brutally slaughtered over 100 days by the Militias, most of these vicitims being women who were repeatedly raped resulting in the birth of 20,000 children. As a result, many of the women and children were effected by HIV AIDS, a scar of the war which destroyed the nation and most of the lives of the Tutsi people. What makes this such an effect short film is the use of not only video documentary but also photographical documentation of the victims which has been incorporated into the video. The swap between video and photographical story-telling creates a more artistic story, and therefore creates a bigger impact on those viewing it. 
This short film, along many others is a part of the now incredibly popular website, was created to provide photojournalists with a space to post photo-documentaries that they have created. It's openly viewable by all internet-users and has proven to be a successful form of advertisement for the works of those who post their work. 

In Rwanda, in 1994, Hutu militia committed a bloody genocide, murdering one million Tutsis. Many of the Tutsi women were spared, only to be held captive and repeatedly raped. Many became pregnant. Intended Consequences tells their stories. See the project at

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