Thursday, October 14, 2010

WEEK 9- Chosen essay Question

For my essay I have chosen the following topic:

Why is privacy such a contentious issue for internet users? Discuss with reference to at least ONE social network service (or other web2.0 service).

Why did I choose this topic to write on?...
Because I believe this is the most relevant topic to not only myself as an individual but our generation of social-networking dependant people as a whole. In particular, it is evident that our generation is strongly dependant on the use of social networking service FACEBOOK. Our generation has grown a dependance on facebook for communication and a simply and FREE way to express ourselves, advertise events and track down people that we may have lost contact with. One big problem that I believe is left unnoticed with Facebook is privacy. It is apparent through my own personal facebook investigation that many people are not aware of the ways in which we can protect the content we post on our facebook profiles. Many people I know in particular, have profiles which are unknowingly able to be viewed by anyone, anywhere! I felt the desire to touch on this topic for this essay as I believe it is an issue which is swept under the rug, and the youth of our society is far too uninformed of the consequences which can come with such ignorance.

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