Thursday, September 23, 2010

Week 8 Tutorial Task- CyberPunk

Negative Impact of technology on humanity: In a cyberpunked near-future, technology runs rampant, and usually manipulates most societal interactions. Dystopian near futures are very common, but so are futures where the impacts of specific technologies are played out in a world only slightly different from the present. Sacred societal boundaries are often crossed with regularity. Often the earth is severely damaged. Crime and drug use are often key supporting the

A recent new story from discusses the way in which "Computer use has 'persistent negative impact' on child's maths, reading test scores". It presents the theory that technology is diminishing the reading and maths results of young students. It is also suggesting that recent technology is in fact counter-productive in improving student achievement. 

The following is my attempt to reconstruct this story:

Computer Technology: Is it doing harm to your children's academic results?

Recent studies have shown that modern-day online learning may in fact be hurting your child's academic results rather than helping improving them. Although it is clear that with the internet, in today's society we are able to access information much quicker and in a much more simple way than previous decades. Many people would view this is a postive advance on society with much more accessible resources, but what it may really be doing is causing the academic downfall of your children.

A study conducted by the US National Bureau of Economic Research suggests that
a program of broadening home computer access would be counterproductive for students as they tend to get easily distracted by social networking sites, computer games and any other computer program that is likely to be a lot more enjoyable than any school homework that they may have.

So how is the continuation of this at-home computer use going to impact not only the youth of society in years to come but also the way in which the planet develops?

In the worst case scenario, if the youth of our society continues this dependance on computers and academic downfalls continue to decline, we could eventually see a world that is led by the non-practical. Although through advanced technology, it would seem that we are learning more and accessing information quicker, dependance on technology enourages us to be lazy. And our world cannot advance to it's full potential if our generation and future generations are too busy updating their facebook status and playing world of warcraft to develop a better and ever-advancing world for us to live in. news story)

http://. (basic research)

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