Thursday, September 2, 2010

Week 5 Tute Exercise- Culture Jamming. Planning Process

Culture Jamming...a term I've grown to really appreciate, and have a whole lot of fun with!
For this particular exercise, we've decided to delve into the clubbing scene and mess with the minds of young, naive club-goers by convincing them that famous Hollywood rapstar, Jay-Z is making a special guest appearance at popular Gold Coast nightclub, Sin City.

Why did we choose to do this?
Because the target audience is way too easy a target. All of these young hollywood-obsessed superficial adolescents seeking any chance to make their brush with fame...Why wouldn't we do it? I think that this will be a relatively easy Culture Jam to pull off as Sin City is notorious for having special celebrity guest appearances without much advertisement about it at all. And the youth of our nation tend to be the ones who overlook the fine print and forget to read into the facts. In other words, they'll believe ANYTHING as long as it comes off as somewhat legitimate. And what better way to promote this 'special event' then through the very portal which our youth depends on for communication and information: Facebook! Through not only Facebook, but also Twitter, we have created fan pages masked as actual 'Sin City' Fan Sites. Through these social networks we will post legitimate information about the club and its upcoming events. To create a subtle approach to the Jay-Z Appearance, we'll ease into it by posting 'hints' each day and simply starting off by just stating that a 'special celebrity guest' will be appearing for Sin City's 2nd Birthday next Friday September 10. Eventually once the final hint has been revealed, we will distribute flyers announcing the appearance of Katy using one of Sin City's own flyers but simply altering it and adding Jay-Z's name onto it. 
We're hoping that by promoting this event, we can prove that Culture Jamming IS a very common and successful form of false promotion. We're planning on rocking up on the Friday to monitor how many people actually show up to see Katy. We will also monitor the success by the responses that we receive on both Twitter and Facebook. Let's hope it all pulls through, for the sake of a good giggle!

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