Monday, September 13, 2010


For our Culture Jam, Bec, Desma, Louise and myself manipulated a flyer for Sin City Nightclub's second birthday to convince the public that Jay-Z was appearing at the nightclub. To achieve this, we used several different marketing strategies to lure the youth into believing this media lie. Our main source of marketing was the manipulation and distribution of the Sin City flyers which we posted all over the Griffith University Gold Coast campus. This tactic proved to be successful as only moments after we posted them, we were all already getting messages from friends letting us know about this exciting event. We also received a lot of response on the Facebook and Twitter accounts that we created. These were established to promote the event, post updates and hints as to who the celebrity guest was and receive feedback from the public to see if our Culture Jam was successful enough. With the time limit we were given, I believe that we were very successful in achieving a Culture Jam that did in fact create an impact upon the youth of the Gold Coast.

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