Wednesday, September 15, 2010

WEEK 6 TUTESPARK- Privacy and Social Networking

Who owns the content you put on the internet on various sites? (This includes pictures, video, text, etc)
Majority of the content that I post on the internet is owned by many different sources from all over the internet. For instance, the photographs and videos that I have previously used for this weblog all belong to people who have posted them on such websites such as google image, photobucket, youtube, etc.

Think about all the content you upload onto social networking sites - Do you own it?
When i think of myself and my own personal use of social networks such as Facebook, majority of the content that I publish is in fact, not my own. I am someone who is always posting Youtube videos of filmclips, short-films, funny home-made videos etc which all belong to somebody else. In terms of photos, majority of the time I only use my own photos but there have definitely been times where i have posted images from the internet that are not my own. Coming hand-in-hand with these videos and photos, I also have incorporated quotes on my website that are not my own. So it is apparent that while it seems like my Facebook is my OWN, majority of the content is in fact not mine at all.

Who has the right to use your creations?
If we're not careful with work we create/photos we take etc, anyone could steal the content that we post on the internet. For example, if i were to post a weblog on here and anyone was able to access it, they would be able to copy and use it as their own. An example for how we would avoid this is if we were to post photographs which we have taken and edited on our own, we could protect them by giving them a watermark, so that if people try to claim is as their own, our name would be on it.

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