Thursday, September 2, 2010

Week 5 TuteSpark- Culture Jamming

Culture Jamming has proven to be a very effective form of damaging and exposing companies through their own ad campaign designs. Some examples of these are as follows:

The most damaging Culture Jam: 
Ipod: IRAQ Culture Jam- a very clever and also damaging recreated version of the very popular iPod advertisements:

"The most effective and disturbing of the images above is the iPod subvertisement. The well known colorful background, black silhouette of a person jammin' out, and what looks like iPod headphone cords remains the same as the actual iPod advertisement in order to initially appear to be ad itself. When examined further, the viewer will see that the person is a replica of the famous yet haunting photo taken of an Iraqi detainee at Abu Ghraib. It portrays a man being physically and psychologically tortured by being made to think that if he were to move from this stress position he would be electrocuted. This gives us the message that Americans spend too much time concentrating on consuming and obtaining physical "things" that we cannot even recognize the horrific, torturous, inhumane acts some of our soldiers are carrying out overseas. "

I believe that another one of the most damaging would have to be the Burger King and or McDonalds Culture Jams. Designed to influence people to STOP eating junk food, these Culture Jams are incredibly damaging to these large fast-food corporations.

These Culture Jams have created a very effective and informative way of making a statement about certain brands/people/corporations that are believed to be in some way manipulating or misleading. Culture Jamming is an excellent for of exposure and continues to be used throughout society to convey very strong political statements.

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  1. Wow! Culture jamming is actually a nice way of consumer resistance.